“On our trip to France in 2000 Kim wove together my art exhibit in Gordes, our fond desire to visit many small villages, my husband’s gastronomic desires, my quest to learn about "woad", an ancient textile dye, and to meet with old friends. If I could take this same itinerary another two times I still would not experience the fullness of this journey. For instance, we were looking for garden structures and found them in the stone yard of one Jean-Luc Ray. On our last night in Marseille we drove to have bouillabaisse on the water where it was said to have started. A light rain fell so no one wanted to be outside except us under an umbrella. There was a full moon. As in a movie we had the whole harbor in Marseilles, a full moon and the memories of Kim's trip to review.” ~ Juliet Wood, Ross, California

“Thank you for providing such a wonderful first trip to Burgundy. I know my wife would love to come next time and, so, we'll have to make plans to return soon. You did a fabulous job lining up our tastings, getting us there on time, translating to make it easier on our host (and for us!), etc, etc, etc. We're very lucky to have such a guide with such extensive knowledge. Thanks again for a job (very) well done.” ~ DB

“We thoroughly enjoyed the week—I think it was the best trip yet. Thanks for a fantastic schedule of tastings (I was sure I’d never meet the enigmatic Emmanuel Rouget), for great translating, and for being your usual well organized and unflappable self. Not to mention your charm, humor, brains, ability to schmooze, etc, etc. All my best to you.” ~ Jim

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